An Interview With Alex

Q:  Tell us a little about yourself? 

A:  I was raised in Jacksonville, Florida and moved to Georgia with my mom in my mid-teens. Currently, I live in Atlanta and attend Georgia State University. I’m a senior and I’m scheduled to graduate next year.


Q: When did you first begin making music? 

A:  I started singing when I was about eight years old. I picked up the acoustic guitar when I was around eleven. It was a gift given to me from my uncle via my mom.


Q:  What was your musical ‘aha’ moment? 

A:  My ‘aha’ moment came after my first concert performance when I was eight or so. I was an active member of the choir at Wayman Academy in Jacksonville. After the performance, I remember the smile on my mother’s face; and my passion for music has only grown since that day.


Q: What type of music do you play? 

A:  A blend of R&B, Soul, Pop and Folk.


Q:  How would you describe your sound? 

A:  Originally, I started off singing R&B songs when I was a kid. Then, for a long period of time I really got into country music. So, you could probably describe my voice as mellow and soulful, with light urban country undertones. 


Q:  Who have been your biggest musical influences? 

A:  As far as vocals and songwriting go: Leon Timbo, Brandy and James Taylor. Guitar-wise: John Mayer and Jimi Hendrix. 


Q:  What are your official releases so far (EPs, albums, mixes, remixes, etc.)? 

A:  So far, I’ve only released “Alex Marion Vol.” An early set of mix-tapes that I created around 2013 and 2014. That said, I’m in currently in the studio working on my first official EP release. The name of the project is still a work in progress too. 


Q:  What are the most notable shows and venues you’ve played so far? 

A:  The CMA Festival in Nashville, Tennessee. I performed on multiple stages with sponsorship; and sung country music.  It was a great experience and the crowd reaction was incredible. 

Tamika Fest in Atlanta, Georgia was another one. Tamika is a yearly festival created to show appreciation for an accomplished poet: “Georgia Me.” I performed at the Apache Café as a featured artist for a night during Tamika. 

Also, the SHARE concert in Dallas, Texas. That concert is held to showcase new and rising artist from Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding areas and I got to play there. 


Q:  What’s going on with your career right now? 

A:  I’m currently recording my debut EP with Grammy Award-winning songwriter/poet Malcom-Jamal Warner, Grammy nominated songwriter Lester “L2” Shaw, and music producer John Johnson who’s featured on Lil Wayne’s new album. 


Q: Are you touring right now, or are you involved in any other music-related projects? 

A:  Not right at the moment; I’m just concentrating my energy on finishing my EP, my acting and of course completing my college degree requirements.